Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lilah's 1st Dance Class

This morning was our little Lilah's 1st dance class...and she was so so very excited!  We stopped by Walmart first and she told EVERYONE she saw in the store that she was going to dance, and that she was wearing her tu tu!  She loved it!  Reecey has tumbling just before so she came and helped...which was nice because I'm not in any shape to be jumping and crawling on the floor!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soccer and Reece's BDay marathon

 Reece got to pick out her first bike for her birthday...of course pink and princess!
She rode it most the way to the register...
 Then Reece choose her birthday dinner to be at the Pizza Factory, and Mason and Maddie came with us

 It was a little crazy, but mostly fun...
We ordered two of these desserts, and didn't even eat half of them...they were huge!
When we got home all Reece wanted to do was ride her new bike...
 It was a fun day...I'm soo tired, but we had fun!  Love these kiddos!

Happy 4th Birthday Reecey!!!!

 Today is Reecey's 4th Birthday!  She is so excited she can barely stand it!  She wanted pink and red pancakes for breakfast...with maple syrup, cream and sprinkles.

Sam was having a hard time with it being Reece's day.  He was happy for her, but still had trouble with it not being about him.  Hopefully this is just a phase!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Still a stinker

So don't worry about Lilah.  If she want's a drink, she'll just go get it herself!  Even if the water is running onto herself....she doesn't mind at all!


Afternoon at the ENT

 Because of the chronic ear infections of all three kids, we are often at the ENT.  He was just checking to make sure all tubes were intact and in good working order...which they were.  But it's not always fun times for the kids.  There is fighting and sometimes naughtiness...I know shocker!  FUN FUN TIMES FOR MOM!

Lilah's eye surgery

 On January 13, Lilah had surgery on both her eyes.  She has had major lazy eye since last summer.  Patching and glasses weren't enough to correct it.  This is her in the waiting room at Primary Children's Hospital just before.  The recovery was a little more difficult than tubes or adnoids, but she did great.  Her eyes look so much better.  She is supposed to now wear glasses until she's about 12 years old.  I say supposed because it's VERY HARD to keep them on her!  She is getting better as she gets a little older...and she's already grown out of her first pair and is on to her second!

Friends over for fun...

Reece's surgery

 Just days before the new year (before our deductable expired), Reece had her second set of tubes put in her ears...and her adnoids out.
She was not interested in wearing this cap...so she just refused and the nurses didn't push the issue.
Here she goes....all went well.  She was a champ!

Our 2012 so far.....

Just wanted to catch up with some of the things we've been up to so far...well, at least the kids!